Sunday, 24 July 2011

Procrastination Website #7: Awkward Family Photos

Awkward Family Photos

The name pretty much sums this one up. You might have had some problems with embarassing family members yourself - but trust me, some of the photos on this site are so cringeworthy that you'll be more than happy with what you've got. From matching outfits to awkward poses, this site is perfect for a small amount of procrastination, and a great pick me up if you're feeling down.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Procrastination Website #6: Lamebook


Sometimes, one of the simplest pleasures in life is laughing at people more stupid than ourselves. It may not be entirely ethical, but it is definitely enjoyable. As huge amounts of our social lives now take place over the internet via Facebook (another dream site for procrastinators), there are endless opportunities to make a fool of yourself online. If a friend is generous enough, he or she will gladly recommend your idiocy to Lamebook and if you make it onto the site, you'll have the dubious honour of being one of the lamest people online. For the rest of us, it can make for hilarious reading, and ideal procrastination material.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Procrastination Website #5: YouTube


If you've not already stumbled across this site you must have been living in the wilderness for the last 10 years, but there's no denying the unlimited procrastination potential of YouTube. If you want to chill and listen to some music, there are millions of videos for that (provided of course that they've not been removed by copyrighters). If you want to watch videos that are oddly intriguing for no real reason at all, then there are thousands of these too, such as this one. And if you want to watch fat people hurting themselves, then there is no better place. YouTube has more videos than you could ever watch in a lifetime, but a true procrastinator would still try.

To get just a small impression of the potential of this site, check out this video.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Procrastination website #4: FML


One fine silver lining on the dark cloud that is the average procrastinator's mundane life, is the fact that no matter how depressing you think your own life may be, there's always someone out there having a worse day than you. That's where FMyLife comes in. A simple collection of anecdotes from people complaining about their lives is somehow endlessly amusing, and you always come away feeling a little bit better about yourself afterwards.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Procrastination Website #3: Stumbleupon


Technically, Stumbleupon just re-directs you to other websites and doesn't create much interesting content itself, but the fact of the matter is that you'll end up stumbling for hours without realizing the time is passing you by. Based on the recommendations of other users as well as your own personal interests, Stumbleupon makes sure that before long you'll find some quality website that you never knew existed. Well worth a look.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Procrastination Website #2: Cracked


Originally starting as a magazine specialising in satire for American students, Cracked has evolved to become one of the most annoyingly addictive websites on the net. 100% of the articles are completely pointless, (eg The Lunatic's Guide to Hacking Into Anyone's Voicemail) but they are quite funny. You'll stumble across one article, enjoy it, read another, then another - until 12 days later you'll find that you're lying in a pool of your own waste having not moved from that spot. Ok, that might be a little bit over the top, but it is an addictive website.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Procrastination website #1: Sporcle

Each day this week I'll provide some of the finest websites for procrastinating, so that you're never caught out when in desperate need of wasting some time. First up is:


A trivia website best known for its U.S states and Countries of the World naming challenges, Sporcle is a procrastinator's dream come true. With nearly 200,000 user created quizzes in areas such as Geography, Movies, Science, Just for fun, and many more - you will find yourself spending hours upon hours completing pointless quizzes, with the consolation that you're making yourself that little bit cleverer, even if it is with pointless information. A particular favorite quiz is Drug or Pokemon?, which is surprisingly difficult.

Happy procrastinating!